15,000 Reasons You Might Go To Jail

HR 3962 is bad policy.  It’s bad because it’s a mandate against the freedom of the American people.  It redistributes wealth by taxing all, for the health care of a few.  It eliminates the freedom of choice in our health care decisions.  Choosing to not have health care is a choice.  For many Americans, choosing not to have health insurance is necessary because of financial concerns, however it is also the choice of millions because they choose to spend their money on other things.

Now another insidious intrusion into our freedom has been discovered.  Our freedom is a casualty under the house version of Government health care.  The ranking member of the Republican Ways and Means Committee, Dave Camp, has alerted the public to the real possibility of criminal fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years.  These are possible penalties if you fail to maintain health care at Government prescribed levels for yourself, your spouse, and any dependents or pay the new individual mandate tax.Here is a link to press release regarding the Joint Committee on Taxation letter detailing the penalties.

When asked about the provisions in HR3962 that could lead to prison time and fines, and if those penalties are fair, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “the legislation is very fair in this respect”.  Washington and our elected leaders are out of touch with America, and they need to hear from all of us both at their offices and the ballot box.


November 16, 2009. Current News.


  1. Johnny replied:

    If the government really feels that the fines sre appropriate then maybe they should live on our wages. The worst thing is I fell for it. We shouldnt care about the fines, because there should be no mandated health care anyway.

    • Chris replied:

      Mandates in general are a bad idea. Every time a requisite is set up by the Government, a few comes due. We must pay the Govrenment to administer our health care, we must pay them to dream up the scheme by which the system will work, and worst of all, we must pay them to do all this under the guise of working for us while they campaign for their next election. Even if everything they do was for the right reasons and worked as promised along with coming in at or below budget, there’s still the fact that they require money to do this on top of the actual expense involved in the program itself. In short, I can do a job cheaper than I can pay someone else to do it.

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